​Going Sour: Exploring a Different Acidity and its Cocktail Applications

Typically, you’ll use a citrus fruit juice such as lemon or lime as a source of sourness or acidity in your cocktails (or, depending on the cocktail, you may not even add something sour at all). Yet the world of culinary acids is so much more diverse! In this article for the cocktail blog Tales of the Cocktail I explore the world of vinegars as sour ingredients in cocktails. And while there are only a handful of citrus juices, limiting you somewhat in the diversity of flavor you can achieve (even if you age them), every alcohol-containing substance can yield a differently flavored vinegar which you can then use for your cocktails. Think for instance coconut, tomato or bamboo vinegar! See what else vinegar can offer you for your cocktails in the linked article above!

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