Solutions, Memories, Tools — Cities are More than You Think

I’ve always been fascinated by cities. These steel-and-concrete conglomerates are basically the only terrain on this planet which is wholly man-made. Which brings up so many questions! Such as, why do cities exist & why do they exist here? What is their function in the past, present and future? Questions like these are what inspired my article on the role cities play in our human drama on this planet. Equal parts history and philosophy, I delve into three roles which cities have fulfilled throughout the ages.

To be specific, I wrote about cities as solutions, memories and tools. Solutions to the problems of infrastructure, protection, and a lack of resources. Memories of ancient trade routes, natural harbors, and empires of yore. Tools for geopolitical maneuvering, colonial endeavors and urban planning. So if you at any point were curious about the history, future, and meaning of cities, go check out the article!

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