You Are Literally Your Own Brand

Sometimes, I’m critized for the wide variety of topics I like to write about. I think there are two pieces of irony hidden in that. First, critizing diversity in a diversity-touting society seems odd. Second, usually these are the same people that adore polymaths and universal scholars. Because to bridge different areas of research or thinking, you have to be at least conversant in both, ideally fluent. I’m especially annoyed by self-branding advice, which always urges you to be homogeneous in your interests and never go ‘off-brand’. So I wrote an article about my version of self-branding.

Because I’m convinced that you’re literally our own brand. So all your interests are part of your brand. There is hardly a way, as long as you don’t try to be someone else, for you to go off-brand. In fact, you could argue that your followers will derive a lot more value by being exposed to your insight into a combination of topics, instead of the uniform blandness they will get from each of their X influencers which write about a single topic each. I always urge people to try themselves at self-reflection and find common denominators in their interests (which are usually a lot more abstract than a specific research field or area of industry). You can find more information in the linked article and I would love to discuss more about this, to tear down the unhelpful and restrictive image of self-branding which is currently in usage!

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