Muddying the Waters: Your Water Usage Doesn’t Happen Where You Think it Does

We’re using lots of water every single day. Everyone knows that we should therefore save water, as it could very well develop into a scarce resource. Yet where, in your life, does it make sense to save? I explored this issue in one of my articles for my Evidence-Based Policy series. The most intuitive place to save water is surely your home, where you use water for showering, washing, cooking, etc. Yet saving domestic water doesn’t make a huge dent in the global water usage. It can, however, save you quite some money by lowering your bills.

The environmental impact of saving domestic water is not so significant because you’ll never see most of the water you use. The lion’s share of water usage occurs in agriculture. A single cup of coffee is worth nearly as many liters of water as your entire household usage per day, just from growing and processing the coffee beans. So, saving here (meat for instance is a particularly water-hungry commodity) can really make a difference in reducing your water footprint. Check out the linked article for more details on the matter!

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