On the Highway to Health with CARs and TRUCKs

Cancer is undoubtedly a huge burden for every one of us as well as for our health care system. Yet no matter how dire the circumstances may look like, there is progress in this war. Summer 2017, just last year, the first synthetic biology-inspired cancer therapy was approved by the FDA. Making use of chimeric antigen receptor (CAR)-T cells, this leukemia therapy has shown impressive results so far.

With the news full of CAR-T cells and other scientific terms, an explainer to get you up to speed as to what a CAR-T cell is and how it came to be seems to come just in time. If you wonder about any of the details about CAR-T cells, their cancer-fighting future and what the hell TRUCKs do have to do with that, check out my recent piece in Medium!

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